Ancestral Lineage Healing

We all have wise and loving ancestors. This specific ritual-based approach to Ancestral Healing can help you reclaim a framework for relating with your own blood lineages. In this way you can come back into a deeper connection with your own wholeness and find an immense source of support and wellness. You can deepen your sense of belonging and rootedness in your own unique life and path.

“We live in a kind of dark age, craftily lit with synthetic light, so that no one can tell how dark it has really gotten. But our exiled spirits can tell. Deep in our bones resides an ancient singing couple who just won’t give up making their beautiful, wild noise. The world won’t end if we can find them.

Martin Prechtel

Ancestral Lineage Healing can help you to:

  • Feel clearer in your identity and find your place within the larger web of life
  • Experience a deeply rooted sense of belonging and profound care and support.
  • Heal dysfunctional and painful inter-generational family legacies and embody the gifts that can be inherited through your blood lineages.
  • Live a more relational life, cutting through more individualistic and isolating ways of being in the world.
  • Reclaim a deep sense of sovereignty, agency and empowerment.
  • Gain clarity and healing resources for the pervasive cultural and systemic wounds, aligning your way of acting with the direction of bringing justice in the world.
  • Prepare for your death or the death of a loved one.

What does Ancestral Healing involve?

The process has 5 clear and distinct stages and involves using and cultivating your intuitive perception in a safe, embodied and structured way. The ritual work starts with assessing the state of your different ancestral lineages. You then move to developing a relationship with old wise grandfathers and grandmothers. From there you can start transforming the burdens of each lineage and receiving the healing yourself.

Who is Ancestral Healing for?

To benefit from the work you don’t need to have a specific faith, spiritual practice or even inclination. However you’re invited to consider that some form of consciousness, as well as your relationship with family continues after death. You don’t need to know anything about your ancestors or biological family to do this work. You also are not required to contact or reconcile with your living family.

The process is culturally inclusive, and adaptable to meet you in your specific place on the earth. It also listens and works alongside the way that your particular body and character has been cultured, so that you don’t feel like you have to work towards an idealized Anglo- or Euro-centric way of being and relating.

You might have done years of therapy but find that certain difficulties persist and that you are still carrying long standing intergenerational burdens. You might be bi-cultural or a 1st or 2nd generation immigrant. You might be in a process of healing from trauma. Or you might simply sense that a deeper way of relating and of being in the world is possible. In all of these cases Ancestral Lineage Healing can be right for you. However if you are currently experiencing crisis or exacerbated trauma symptoms, I would recommend engaging with this work alongside regular therapy.

“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”

– James Baldwin

About my approach

Please note that I act as a guide on this work, slowly and gradually taking you through the 5 steps. I do not contact your ancestors or offer healing to them or to you, but I instead support you towards cultivating healthy relationships with your ancestors yourself. I find that this approach does not foster dependency and empowers you to take the work in your hands further and beyond our sessions.

The framework I follow is based on the approach created by Dr. Daniel Foor. For more information about the ancestors and lineage repair process, you can visit Ancestral Medicine and for information about the professional standards I uphold, please refer to the Ancestral Healing Practitioner Code of Ethics.

The Sessions and Fees

The work is done remotely, via Zoom or phone. The first session lasts for 1.5 hour and all subsequent sessions are of 1 hour each. If you are new to this work, I recommend booking a minimum of 5 sessions for best effects. You are welcome to schedule a free 20-minute conversation if you have further questions or want to determine if Ancestral Lineage Healing is right for you.

My fees operate on a sliding scale. If you live in middle and high income countries the first session is priced 100-130£. All subsequent sessions are 70-100£. If you are in a country of low or low-middle income the first session is on a scale of 75-100£. Subsequent sessions are 50-70£.

Peoples’ livelihoods don’t often fall neatly into these country categories. I am committed to making this work accessible and countering the effect of exploitative capitalism. If you are unsure about the above prices, have any concern or difficulty paying the rates, please contact me.

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