My experience with Alex was wonderful. I needed somebody to support with healing some of the troubles from an ancestral lineage, and I was overjoyed when I learned that there’s somebody who can work with me in my mother tongue (Greek). Alex met all my expectations. Calm, steady, clear and full of kindness he supported me through the whole process in the exact way that I needed. With his help I managed to let go, trust and feel that he was there to guide, advise and empower. I am very grateful for this experience and for having worked with him.
Artist / Teacher
I came to Alex looking for support in navigating some quite challenging aspects of ancestral healing work. He met me with a calm and warm presence, and made space to listen and to address my questions and concerns. In guiding me through the practice, he helped me find a sense of structure while also allowing for what emerged to develop. I felt witnessed, supported and kindly guided.
Artist/Somatic Educator
Alex's guidance is sensitive, kind, boundaried and warm. He meets me where I am and brings acceptance, curiosity and skill to whatever I encounter. I have been able to tap into other forms of knowing and seeing and have surprised myself at the level of detail I am able to receive. Another surprise has come from the tangible impact that doing this work has had in my life. These shifts often happen directly before or after a session, and have been incredibly meaningful to me. At the same time, I know I can bring my sadness, vulnerability and doubt into the space too and it is received with equal acceptance and kindness. I would highly recommend Alex to anybody wanting to do this work.
Mindfulness Teacher
I came without knowing what to expect and found that this work of honouring and healing your ancestral lineages can bring many treasures, some of which are still appearing in my life. I felt very supported and held by Alex, who facilitated and encouraged this delicate work, particularly in the most challenging moments. I can recommend Alex to whoever wants to try this work for the first time or anybody who would like to deepen their connection with their ancestors.

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